If anyone is 100 years of Packers signature shirt, you need to make the fingers REALLY skinny before baking. Here’s what they looked like when we made them exactly like the video looks. Love this stuff, we owned a bar and grill for 7 years, Halloween time was the funniest celebration cause you can make so many awesome cookie things. The watermelon carved out and apples carved as a baby and watermelon jello poured back in. now you have the additional excuse of “it’s the baby’s birthday” when people look at you crazy for planning Halloween all year long. True about the 4th passing and Halloween jumps in However” they spend a ton of time in the store pushing it right out. I remember one Halloween you had made all this cool stuff for us after school.

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Little oranges that looked like pumpkins and 100 years of Packers signature shirt, my attention was at the pot filled with liquid nitrogen right at the end. I’m not sure if its liquid nitrogen or not. Even min be broke key. Sadly we don’t celebrate Halloween here in Nigeria but I can use this for a private birthday party which I will be celebrating with my closest friends and family. I’ve only watched the deviled egg part. Idk about all the food coloring but I’ve only made those deviled eggs with you that one time but they were amazing. This looks fun for Halloween! It would be cool to make a natural dye from like beet juice or cabbage or something. Ps, I miss and love you.

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