The biggest drain that I am aware of is stress. The fight or flight mechanism, 112 years of 1908 2020 Aka shirt the sympathetic nervous system really takes it out of us. Having excreted stress hormones the body goes through a process known as down-regulation where in effect having released hormones and neurotransmitters it cannot constantly manufacture and drawdown hormones- it asks the person to slow down to prevent further loss and for the stock to be replenished. That in effect means going to sleep or with constant stress, a period in bed probably with a compromised immune system and hospitalization or recuperation. The corollary to this can be kicking your circadian rhythms out of synch.

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Stress can prevent you from producing the neurotransmitters that keep you asleep. Being awake at 112 years of 1908 2020 Aka shirt and then trying to go to work the next day on a minimum of sleep, means like a piece of elastic, you can only stretch things so far. At some point, you will be drawn back to get the sleep you lost. You can even go into a state whereby you cycle through the various parts of the sleep cycle in quick succession as the brain tries to do accomplish what it would normally do through a full night’s sleep. That means sleep deprivation causes you to go into your dream cycle within minutes of going to sleep. Sleep deprivation means the brain can literally shut down to catch up on sleep- that might mean extended sleep at weekends or sleeping at the wheel of a car.

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