Woman, you could make me a poison cocktail and it would taste like heaven. I went 4th July Independence Day fishing shirt good but you turned me down that’s ok though we remained friends. u are perfect Karla but i want to ask u one question why you put a bag on ur under why. Can’t believe people are moaning about how the drink is being made. Everyone does things differently. Plus it’s for entertainment, not to be taken seriously. Keep doing what you do girls and guys. So many haters.

4th July Independence Day fishing shirt, hoodie, ladies tee, sweater, v-neck t-shirt

4th July Independence Day fishing hoodie


4th July Independence Day fishing ladies tee

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4th July Independence Day fishing sweater


4th July Independence Day fishing v-neck t-shirt

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She’s amazing and has a body a 4th July Independence Day fishing shirt. She thick in all the right places. I wish I looked half as good! Plus she’s multi-cultured. first of all, she needs to learn to measure because she was WAY off and secondly to have your cocktails to have the layer effect, you need to have the HEAVEST drink poured first, not the liquid that has the most sugar. Does she not realize that alcohol is fermented sugar. I like some of your videos but some are distracting because you always dress like you’re trying hard to get a men’s attention. Quit that! I can’t stand it. Be normal dress modestly. You are very beautiful, attractive and exciting and I love to see you always.


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