Shame on Jorge Ramos. His America veterans before illegals shirt good. He missed a wonderful and unique opportunity to discredit a dictator and instead presented a show of mediocre journalism. Socialism, my friends, this is how it looks like, the socialism that Bernie Sanders and love and wants to bring to America. Jorge mil respeto my respect! My grandfather was a very well known journalist in Mexico Manuel Larenas and he more often than not would have to leave Mexico because he would publish the truth about injustice. Thank you for being brave. I have not agreed with many points of view you have, but I do admire your courage.

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I don’t think this interview was america veterans before illegals shirt, I have seen other interviews by you, but I think your ego did not allow to get more information from Maduro, which could have been useful for other journalists. You are acting like predominant Prima donna, therefore you leave your lines on the sand. Do your job as a journalistic, hence I would recommend you see interview videos made by Barbara Walters, Walter Cronkite, Diane Sawyer, Dan Rather it would do you a lot of benefits. Have a nice weekend. Jorge Ramos does not know how to interview and to make it clear I am in no way shape or form supporting Maduro I hate what he is and stands for but Jorge brings his political views into an interview and he does the same way here. Not a good journalist. He should ask tough questions and let him answer

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    Overall I am really pleased with the orders I have placed with you. The last order Pink vest top, would have been better with black writing? I know I could have queried this before placing the order but I couldn’t see anywhere to change the font color??? I will definitly use you again in the future thank you

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