I think they could have bears beets Battlestar Galactica shirt, they probably stressed her out being so close. But that sloth is so beautiful and that baby so cute! Glad they stopped traffic too. I’m so happy these people stopped and blocked traffic allowing this beautiful mother and child to cross the road safely. How precious God”s creatures. So kind of everyone to let she and baby cross safely. I read where they can experience tachycardia if handled by a stranger. So better to block traffic and let them cross safely. Nature is beautiful.thank you humans for helping mama and baby cross the street blessing too all. God loves you. That was so cute! I’m so glad that the traffic was stopped for them to go across. I love sloths.

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Every time I see one I think about a bears beets Battlestar Galactica shirt and also the sloths. Warmed my heart to see everybody had stopped their cars so that mum and baby could cross in safety. How gorgeous, though I do wonder, what with how slow they are, just how many are lost through car accidents. Hopefully, those who have grown up with them and full of the knowledge of sloths, are more respectful of them. Would have been awesome to see. But soo cool that people stopped and let her cross the road. amazing to see how camoflagued she is too with her Baby. They are cute but I don’t know how the species has made it this long, evolutionarily speaking. I’m glad they stopped traffic to let her cross but they should have stayed back.


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