Talks between us started. I used to call her on Daddy issues shirt mobile after just office hrs for knowing how’s her day. Then she went on leave for one week. We talked around three hrs at night while she’s on the train as she was alone and going to her native. During her leave we used to exchange msg. I was floated to the cardiac floor and was getting a report from the outgoing nurse. She had told me about five of the six patients I would be taking care of, and she began telling me about the last one who had just arrived from the ER. I went to see the patient.

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She was a pleasant woman, and I introduced myself to Daddy issues shirt. She denied any more chest pain and I made some small talk to determine if she was oriented to person, place, and time. We seemed to hit it off pretty well, and after securing her permission to examine her, I started. I shone a light in her eyes and listened to her heart and lungs. Checked her pulses and skin, listened to her belly and kept going down. She had some problems peeing in the ER and they had inserted a urinary catheter. I lifted the sheet and checked the catheter. Everything looked good. I continued down her legs, pulses, skin, and strength tests.

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