As I often brought leftovers of home-cooked meals, my lunch was taken on Driveway drinker beer shirt. Those of us who had our lunches disappear tried to be nice by putting notes and names on our lunches and even having the boss send out a memo advising people to stop stealing lunches. I mean, sometimes it was the only food we could have during the day due to dietary restrictions or just not having the money to go out and buy something else. So one day, after I was totally fed up with dealing with it, I made a special lunch with laxatives in it. We found out who was taking the food and it put a stop to it.

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The thing was, if this person had just asked any one of Driveway drinker beer shirt, we would have. I would have even brought extra to share. He had had to put it there to keep the nursing home employees driving transport vans and personal vehicles across the yard. We thought he may have been a little grumpy and removed it so we could bring the kids to swing set into the yard. Immediately they were driving across our yard. We talked to them numerous times, no avail.

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