We have to call the city police. Finally, he had to write a Driveway drinker beer vintage shirt. That stopped but then we were finding patients wandering the property and street without a caregiver insight. Again no amount of having to get an employee to come to get a patient stopped it and they were slamming the door in our face. I called the police and they had a talk with them. It quieted down until the city supervisors nieces moved in on both sides of us. They began partying across our yard with us having to run intoxicated buddies of their of our property, they were using our pool without permission and began destroying our property.

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No amount of talking helped so we had to call the Driveway drinker beer vintage shirt. They tell them we are the problem and start spreading rumors that we are dangerous. The nursing home employees jumped right back into trespassing and patient neglect with the city supervisors nieces spreading lies that we were being mean to kids while recording us in our yard including the kids in the pool. When the niece behind us and their buddies lost a child and had to call rescue squad, we were in the house watching a movie as a family and we hear a commotion and go outside to find the niece behind us pointing us out to the police.

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