When the police left I went to all of my neighbors and told them about the break-in and Funny Cartoon Friday shirt of them said that they felt like someone had been in their apartments because some things had been out of place and some small things missing, but they all thought it was family members that had moved them so they never said much about it. After I talked to my neighbors I went back to my apartment. I was in my living room when my new neighbor’s boyfriend knocked on my door to ask me about the break-in.

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I told him the police had taken good fingerprint evidence and if Funny Cartoon Friday shirt fingerprints were on file they would have the thief pretty quick. I also said that the cameras might show something. Then he went into the stupidest story I have ever heard. He said his fingerprints would be in my apartment. He said that he came home and noticed that my door was open, he knocked but no one came to the door, he said he opened the door and yelled but no one answered, so he locked the door and pulled it closed.

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    Ive ordered a few shirts from these guys and theyre spot on. The one time a shirt came in the wrong size within 15 mins of my first email a new shirt was ordered for me free of charge. Fantastic company whom I will use again.

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