They come over question us, hubby even opens our Garden plant daddy vintage shirt, etc telling them we were watching a movie together. This started years-long harassment, stalking, animals abuse by the nieces and their friends. Every time I have reported our horses being burnt and shot at, my parent’s property where the horses are was searched due to false accusations of stealing a mower and trailer.

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The niece behind us and her husband and Garden plant daddy vintage shirt would deliberately drive-by rev ty heir engines or creeping by to make sure we saw they were following us. We put up cameras in the trees and found laser lights being used on the horse’s eyes and them following us through the woods while we were riding and using pellet rifles and slingshots to shoot the horses while we were riding. We began finding bullet holes blown in the trees where the horses used to stand but were now afraid of being in the pasture. We have been woken up by the one behind us chasing her husband through our backyard trying to beat him then jumping in her vehicle to chase him down through town. Other citizens reported this to the police.

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