Nope, the questions kept coming. I am more of a last-minute decision kind of I am your nurse shirt, so having to answer questions about centerpieces and mother of the groom dress colors so far ahead of schedule (or ever) brought me to a level of anxiety I had never experienced before, and I am a naturally anxious person. She came out of the starting gate completely furious. No, build-up. Like Regan’s demons in the Exorcist or a drunk Mel Gibson ranting at his wife. A friend of mine and I were going to fight a traffic ticket. She came in a suit and a nice blouse. I explained that we were going to deal with a magisterial district justice, and his office was, probably, in a shopping center. She dressed down. The hallway was fine for two people to pass and even when there was a gurney but caskets/coffins were wider and it was a tight squeeze to get past when somebody was going the other way. Most of the time we’d just wait while the casket was wheeled past and then go our own way.

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At the most recent hotel, he worked at, the I am your nurse shirt manager and the head chef got tired of putting up with the work and scheduling disruptions his condition was causing and were unable to fire him because his condition falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, so they started to “mess” with him in the hopes that he would quit. They would do a thing like: We still wanted a small wedding, and we were firm about that. So when my coworkers, who I had only known for around 6 months, mentioned that they couldn’t wait to go to my wedding, I was shocked.

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    I decided to try and print my own tshirt and chose streetshirts after reading some reviews but at the same time being slightly reserved on what i was reading. Paid for the order but due to covid19 there was a very small delay in shipping. Received my tee shirt today……very pleased with how it looks i was concerned it would be pixelated as shown on the design page but not the case. Printed on a fruit of the loom heavyweight and the print is spot on I was also given a 10 voucher due to delays that are not the fault of streetshirts which is greatly appreciated and will be used today to have a second print of the tee shirt i ordered.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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