got badly bled by a younger woman who saw an easy target. His fourth and I love mom Chinese Imperial shirt?? wife was bought and paid for from China and didn’t speak a word of English. At least she doesn’t have to process his BS. He has a house filled with expensive no taste crap! His current wife wears godawful vulgar jewelry and clothes. Wife number 3 got jewelry I left and quite a hefty settlement at their divorce.

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We’re not poor and doing ok. Told my husband that he will always be a giant in I love mom Chinese Imperial shirt eyes because of how he treats me, our family, friends and even strangers. We are wealthy in love and compassion. Monetary wealth is nothing. I earned the respect of the docs I worked with by respecting their advanced training and working competently within my own capacity. In over 30 years of practice, only one orthopedic surgeon tried to put me in my place. He gained a small victory. But I won in the long run. He had a visiting doctor in the OR and he turned to the visitor and said, I like to mess with the nurses for fun. I was cleaning the OR between cases. He barked out at me to get the instruments open.

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    Great quality and although the delivery length was slow the service and voucher (that basically went towards another shirt) is top notch and very great with customers. Best place for personal and business design t shirts.

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