He was eager to please the white man. He then asked me if Jaws 2 Movie Poster Shirt anything else in a slightly cunning way. Ganja? Girls? I jumped at this and asked him any young girls. I didnt want some old fat indian hooker to be dumped on me. He looked a bit shifty and said yes, but expensive. Well the amount only added upto 30 dollars so i said sure. He went away, and i heard some shouting and angry exchanges downstairs. Turned out he lived there with his family. I was shocked. Was he trying to pimp his daughter? Turns out more or less yes.

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For the purposes of this answer lets say she was Jaws 2 Movie Poster Shirt or whatever the legal age in India was at the time. She definitely didnt look like his daughter, fortunately. He was an ugly asshole. I tried to check with him if the girl was open to various things. He didnt understand much, just said all you like ..no problem. I paid him the cash and some extra for alcohol and shut the door. I am not proud of myself, but after 4 weeks of no holes, i pounced on the scared girl. Got her naked, and got her on her knees.

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