Once he left for the day, the sous chef promptly called the head chef and Jesus christ girl vintage shirt that “Mike walked off with three cheesecakes” When questioned, three other kitchen staff corroborated her story. She came to me many times and asked me if I was going to finish up something that I was trying to save for later. Because I had too much food to eat at one time. It was normally crackers that I saved. I ate a hot meal there.  Then my mother gave me her list of people she wanted to be invited: people I had never met and some I’d never heard of.

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Apparently she felt that someone she went to Jesus christ girl vintage shirt school with a million years ago should be invited to my wedding because she wanted to show off “what a catch” I was marrying. I tried to explain to her that we wanted a small wedding, but she just poo-pooed me and told me not to ruin her big day. She seriously said that. I just smiled and nodded as my stomach knots tied a bit tighter. She obviously misunderstood the empathetic and inspiring words I had tried to convey to her. She continued to curse me some more. Sometimes she would call me names as if she was talking to the air or too herself under her breath. She called me a few choice words again and finally told me to never call her back again and hung up. But the room next door was the prep room, where the deceased were made ready for viewing and visitation.

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