I couldn’t understand until I dug further and found out he had money. He also was married and the Liquid swords shirt was hers, not his. I kept cool, ok it’s a lie my friend did all the thinking for me and kept me cool. I drove up to her lover’s house one day and introduced myself to his wife and we had a long talk. This woman was furious, apparently, he had done this to her before. That same night I got home she asked where I was at all night. My response was since when the fuck you care and just walked away from her.

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She was shocked because I never was disrespectful to Liquid swords shirt. She walked behind towards the room yelling why am I being such an ass hole. I said to her leave me the fuck alone We got into an argument and She threw a cup of water at me and that’s when I did something that I would never have thought I would have done to a woman. I jumped over the bed gripped her by the neck and literally lifted her up. Her eyes were in shock and you could see the fear in her eyes. That’s when I noticed what I was doing and let go of her. I said to my self I’m going to jail. She began crying saying you promise you would never touch me. I responded saying ” And you promise you would always be faithful. She then realized I knew but wasn’t aware of how much. She quietly grabbed her things and left. A year later we were divorced and she was living with the bar owner who then left her to go back to his rich wife two months after our divorce was finalized.

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    Brilliant as always, great quality garment and printing.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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