I was at my cousin’s house. I always hung out there. One night her husband’s Luckiest principal ever vintage shirt. I had met him a few times throughout the years. He brought over a girlfriend. I didn’t realize it was a girlfriend because I had never met his wife and assumed this lady was her. Nope. It was a side chick. This young lady was pretty. We treated her with respect. My cousin and I talked to her in the living room. My cousin’s husband and his friend were down in the mancave. Then all of us were talking. Then I think there was an argument, a small one. But she got upset and went to the bathroom.

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He’s talking to all of us. There’s laughter, Luckiest principal ever vintage shirt. I think I go and check on her. She says can you tell John made up name to come here. I go back downstairs and tell him. So my cousin goes upstairs to check the bathroom. This dynamic duo broke the towel rack! Now much cousin is fuming! She refused to believe they were having sex when I told her that’s exactly what they were doing. But here was the evidence. And the thing is, my cousin was gangsta. I’m surprised she didn’t fight her.

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