The absolute worst thing she ever did was refuse to look after our Lunch lady I am shirt sons when they were toddlers so I could go visit my dying Grandfather in hospital, she preferred to clean her ex-husband’s house. Plus apparently she was too old to look after toddlers but she looked after our nephew who was the same age all the time and 6 months later she retired as a nurse and started looking after a toddler daily. My neighbor is much older than me. I’m female by the way. I live way out the country and I moved here with my second husband. My neighbor was an older single man who’d actually been divorced five times. I guess that’s beside the point.

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Anyway, he made it a point to check on Lunch lady I am shirt whenever my husband was out of town in case I needed anything. I had been raised in the city and sometimes the deep country was overwhelming when I was alone. So I always appreciated his availability to me when my husband was gone and my husband appreciated him too. He never came inside my house when my husband was gone. He’d stand on the doorstep and check in with me at night before it got dark. This particular time my husband was gone for about four days. Just an aside my husband and I had a very active sex life. My husband is older than me too but not that much.

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    I am over the moon with the jumper I’ve ordered. Great size too. Shame that they smell from production but I am beyond happy with it and my partner loves it too.

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