If it’s ok for a police officer with tattoos on their arms to wear short sleeves if it’s hot at work these days, it’s ok for the Merica because I was inverted shirt of us. Providing it’s not a bit of ink on your skin should not be used as an excuse for people to judge before knowing the person, they could have excellent punctuality, work ethic, and attitude. Most employers don’t care in this day and age. Those who do, specifically those individuals who do, won’t be around much longer to matter anyway I have a tattoo of a flaming ball across my throat and have had a lot of issues getting employed, on the other hand.

Merica because I was inverted shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Merica because I was inverted Tank top
Tank top

I also have zero regrets because it looks awesome and offensive tattoo racist or such like then it’s really not an issue. Body art does not define how someone is within a job. Guess what just celebrated blues winning the Merica because I was inverted shirt then largest crowd ever in history and no shootings and no riotings. Just shows that st.luis has more class than the rest of the cities so they will do something more than thoughts and prayers.

Merica because I was inverted Sweater

Literally in the about gun violence in. Once again, heavily regulated gun free zone leads to the Merica because I was inverted shirt at had buybacks, licensing registration for years, and prospective owners proving the need for a firearm. Yet here we are again, mass shooting, and the left still tries to push this same here in the.


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