The challenge of being awake for 36 hours makes the body fighting itself to Mickey Everything sucks shirt its limit or their suffering. So, it might work because people feel satisfied with getting over it, in addition to good sleep later. Seriously, if sleep deprivation could work… There literally would be no-one in the world with Bipolar, cos we will have all cured ourselves. Marlo Wright Sleep deprivation makes mania worse. Geeze, when in the manic phase, you are hyperactive and cannot be still. Also, during the depression phase, you sleep, a lot. I hope that this treatment works for someone. I am not going to be negative about a treatment that is helping people. Naomi Fogarty From my experience of bipolar, sleep deprivation is generally one of the symptoms.

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So I’m not sure how to further sleep deprivation would actually Mickey Everything sucks shirt! I’d be interested to see statistically significant evidence of this! Jessie Nichols Naomi Fogarty right?? Often sleep deprivation is a symptom of my hypomania. if not addressed usually leads to mania. with any treatment; it’s not for everyone. I’m glad it’s helping SOMEONE. Rachel K. Moore Naomi Fogarty my guess is the sleep deprivation is encouraged during the depressive stages where they could potentially sleep for days. It wouldn’t be encouraged for a manic phase, where it comes naturally. Valeria Benevolo França What I would have liked to see in the report is why sleep deprivation helps – what effect does it have chemically on the brain? That would have been interesting to hear. I really didn’t get the medical details of this experiment.

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    Another FANTASTIC product from this great company. As soon as 1 of gym members saw it as I put the gym logo on front & Back he wanted 1 so imagine once more see it after this virus I will be ordering loads for the guys & lasses in the gym.

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