Mark Sippings John Swinge Well deduced – did I say something that gave you a Randy watson signature shirt and proud to be a reminder, because I may personally benefit from a hard or no-deal Brexit, but I am trying to think for all the country, especially those who are most vulnerable. Christine Walker Mark Sippings he was reported when on holiday as saying he would make sure the government took no-deal off the table. Definitely unbiased. Rehman Afzal Faza Em your case is weak! Should I give you a demo of Britain and how people from many different places have been here for years or shall we say modern-day Britain?

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Been here for 27 years and contributing so I have every right to Randy watson signature shirt. Wendy Barton So the Conservative Party is crumbling around her knees and she wants to take on yet another challenge and add to their list of defeats. I thank Bercow for ensuring the democratic rights of all MPs to scrutinize and debate is maintained. Wendy Barton Dan Warren The fact you have Cabinet members jumping ship (Rudd won’t be the last), long-standing Conservative MPs being sacked and the PM no longer having a majority, yes, I’d say ‘crumbling’ is pretty accurate.

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