Fear mongered uneducated fool. This Rapinoe Bird 2020 Shirt. there is no support or proof for this claim when you start laying out all the stuff he’s done. Every single word she said in this clip was more intelligent and powerful than every single word the face has said his entire fake presidency. What is she being excluded from? What rights does she not have? Is she any more special than any other American? Or does she think she gets extra special treatment? What a joke as a person. Only Cooper would give her this stage. That is so untrue. Our President does NOT exclude anyone, it’s a myth being perpetrated by the liberals.

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Justine Cameron, are you seriously high? trump belittles and Rapinoe Bird 2020 Shirt, white, the nationalistic base of super patriots. It’s not a “myth” it’s an easily verifiable fact. I’m sad today that I fought for women’s lib back in the day when the result is this type if rude, unAmerican behavior from one of the very people that movement helped to achieve her goals. Shame on her and others like her who are setting such a bad example for our young girls. She is an amazingly brave, transparent and honest human being! I enjoyed everything about this interview. Athletes are overpaid – cut the men’s pay to level with what the women make. They are kicking a ball around a field – not curing cancer.

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  1. Anime Support

    The print is ok, quite clear instructions to make a shirt as you want. But have to be careful when place print on a shirt, go by measures given not visual view

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