The one that comes to mind immediately is finding the paperwork for Shamrock love shirt getting her marriage to my father annulled. My mom had always been a sickly, sappy, depressed person prone to crying. But finding the framed annulment decree, not to mention the multiple copies of it. Showed me what a badass she was. It also changed how I viewed my dad because I learned things I never knew before, such as the fact my father found my mom after she ran away from him with me.

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And that he confronted her on the street, in Shamrock love shirt, in the middle of the day and tried to forcibly take me away from her. I also found out that she indeed got her annulment from the Vatican, unlike my father had always claimed. While at the time of my mom’s passing I already kinda knew that he abused my mom from her stories, this cemented it. But until I was a teenager at least, I knew none of this. It was my dad. Maybe just average, had flaws and anger issues, but I had those too. He was the dad you see on tv who takes you camping and fishing and teaches you how to throw a baseball (and underhand because you’re a girl and that’s how softballs are thrown).

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