(It’s a complicated process when the lines, monitor leads and Shut the fuck up shirt all need to be supported And finally They didn’t bring her lunch. We professionally understood that mom was acting out in response to fear for her child, but it was tough to handle all the unwarranted criticism. Mom was holding her baby while feeding was infusing. Mom sneezed- a big one! But she said she was fine. Then her baby’s monitor started to alarm – bradycardia. I quickly stepped over, cleaning my hands and donning gown/mask and gloves on the way. It was obvious to me that the feeding tube had dislodged, and was at the back of the throat causing the bradycardia.

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More significant was the real risk of Shut the fuck up shirt from the milk in the dislodged tube. I recently shifted to a metropolitan city on my job and residing in a rented flat. It’s already been a year and watchman’s family know me well. While dating, we had often gone out dancing and all of the women told me to stay away from him as it was rumored that he’d beaten his first wife to death with a baseball bat! Holy Moly, as soon as the I do’s we’re said, I had no idea who he was! He started taking my car to go to “ work”. Liar! His clothes smelled like perfume. Caught him out dancing one night minus me. All of it was my fault of course.

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