We had been together for a couple of years. She introduced me to Stay bladed or get faded shirt first with her on the receiving end, then me. She would only use a couple of fingers in my ass, no toys. Her best friend used to come over to our place at least once a week. Her friend was pretty, but kind of plain and really shy. One night her friend was over and we were getting drunk, they wanted to play truth or dare. I said that’s a kid game, but they wouldn’t shut up about it. First couple of times around just some silly truths. Then it’s my girlfriend’s turn and out of nowhere her friend asks her if she has ever fingered my ass when I masturbated.

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I said that seems to be a very specific question and Stay bladed or get faded shirt why dont you two just say what’s on your mind. So my girlfriend says OK I told her how hot it is when I finger fuck you. She’s never had a boyfriend who would even let her watch them jack off. I was going to call their bluff so I told my girlfriend to get the lube. She said Will you let her finger you? I said Sure honey, whatever you want. I thought her friend would back down. Instead, this shy girl says “We have been talking about this for months. This is going to be so hot, my pussy is already getting wet.

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