I worked on a loading dock at a very busy furniture store. On Vacay mode teacheroffduty shirt, we generally had 40 or more loaders on each shift. One guy looked like he was always sitting. Many people assumed he wasn’t carrying his share and someone complained to the foreman. When a customer pulled up for a delivery two or three of us, more for a larger load, would take the product out, load it up, tie it down and have the customer sign the receipt slip. Then each person on the crew would sign it and turn it in.

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The foreman took all the day’s slips and had a clerk tally up the number of Vacay mode teacheroffduty shirt each person had done. The foreman posted the list. The lazy guy was number two for the day. Some busybody asked the lazy guy how he did so much work but sat so much. He explained that he had plantar fasciitis, a very painful foot condition. If he didn’t sit often, he was unable to walk at all, but he loved to work. It made the day go by faster. No one ever complained again about as long as he worked there. After the food was brought out, he must have also been reading our minds because he always seems to appear exactly when we needed something. After we finished our meal, he brought us our check. I gave him the payment and when he returned I asked to speak to his manager.

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